Unidesign has products for all scales of your projects.
If you have a macro, multifamily, or large-scale design, we have all the products you need in finishes at the best price and with the best quality and guarantee.

Papel tapíz


We have a wide range of papers of different types, textures, weights, qualities for different construction areas such as hotels, resorts, multi-family homes, business centers, shopping areas and more.


We have cornices, of all sizes, polyurethane baseboards of different colors and sizes, backlit, half-wall moldings, easy to install and easy to maintain.



Interior wall panels are ideal for replacing wood and giving that warm and modern touch at the same time. there are smooth, ribbed in different colors and sizes.


We have synthetic wood for exteriors with wood-like finishes, in different colors and formats. Ideal for facades, perimeter enclosures, gates and others.

Madera sintética


Baseboards for real estate projects, polyurethane in white and woody, easy installation and maintenance.


The best solution for real estate works, commercial projects. High transit floor, waterproof, for interiors, easy installation and maintenance.

Pisos PVC

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