Our wallpanels provide a modern alternative to traditional wood paneling, bringing warmth, texture and depth to commercial and residential spaces. Available in a variety of forms and finishes, they can be smooth or wooden textured, wide or slim, concave or straight and. Their wide range of colors offer freedom and options to suit all color schemes.

  • Extruded high-density polystyrene (HDPE)
  • Residential and commercial
  • HD printed texture
papel tapiz


Our Wallpanels in extruded high density polystyrene (HDPE) are suitable for indoor use. They can be installed in any flat clean surface like doors, furniture, even ceilings.

For installation on non-absorbent surfaces use the adhesive ADEMAX® PLUS.

Due to their synthetic nature our wallpanels are suitable for use in damp rooms like bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

The foam of our wallpanels can be recycled in accordance with local official regulations.

Wallpanels are resilient enough to sustain medium force impacts without damage.

Our wooden textured wallpanels are 100% resistant to insect attacks due to their synthetic nature.


Our ribbed wooden textured wallpanels are the modern and improved alternative to traditional wood panes, we count with a variety of designs available in 9 different wood tonalities, they are textured and add warmth.


The wallpanels couldn't be easier to install, all shapes are modular, lightweight and fit perfectly with each other, they adjust exactly to your needs and cover any wall, ceiling, doors and furniture you require.


They add depth and dimension to your living spaces, their high definition printed surface is texture, they add the same elegance and warmth of natural wood at a fraction of the price.


our commitment is to sell quality